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Tommy Good

Height:         6' 02"
Weight:        195 lbs
Equipment:   8 1/2 inches CUT

We look for what you like when we pick the escort of the month.  Case in point is Tommy Good.  Shooting what he gots 4 you, he promises that he won't stop till you had all you can handle.  Free to travel anywhere.  So ask your self a question.  Do you wanna be alone tonight?


We are here to please!  Our guys match up with each other to offer you an experience you will never forget!  Gang Bang!  You think you can handle more than one man.  We know you have dreamed about it.  Now is your time to experience the meaning of being man handled.  Pure passion to the max.  We don't hook you up with anybody, we have guys that MASTER the art of giving you pleasure.   They work on you together!  They take you to a higher level. You will experience satisfaction!
Do you think you have what it takes to please all types of Clients? Are you the type who gets hard and throw down when the money is right?  Apparently somebody thinks you have what it takes cause you got an invitation to check us out.

If you have no racial hangups and a client's size, shape, age or weight don't matter, then your the kind of person we are looking for to add to our special collection of GUYS here.

Getting started is easy.  A simple interview and a photo session which includes a video introduction, a contact number and your making money.  How much?  We suggest to our clients that they pay you $200 bucks a hour.  Travel is Extra (at the client's expense) and most of our escorts are Tipped for their service.  It doesn't matter if your muscled up, buffed up, cut up, or just a regular guy.  Our clients love the variety.

Simply click on the contact link and email us and the rest is simple.  No matter where your located, you can be down with the crew.  So simply send an email and get ready to be paid.

When sending your email, please include your photo. Even though we request a nude photo, we will except a non nude.  Remember we are not an escort agency therefore we do not take a percentage of your earnings.  We simply provide communication with you and our SELECT group of clients.  Hit me up for more information.


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